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Prana Airways

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Yoga succeeds by these six: enthusiasm, openness, courage, knowledge of the truth, determination and solitude.

The mind and body become firm, contraction of the muscles combined with relaxation until they can be practiced with ease.

Prana is life force. Whether young, old, sick or debilitated, one who is vigilant attains success in all the yogas, by means of practice.

When the breath is steady, the mind is steady, he who controls the breath, controls the mind.


Energy (Prana)

Strength (Asana)

Breath (Pranayama)

In the 1970s, two things happened that would change my life, I was introduced to the path of Ashtanga Yoga and obtained my pilot’s certificate. These two events launched a life filled with the love of yoga and flying along with a career in commercial aviation. The name Prana Airways reflects these passions; prana represents the life force that will take off and grow with a daily yoga practice!  Learn more

Ashtanga Yoga with Clifford Sweatte